The Dougherty Lake Garden and Home Club was originally formed in the fall of 2000 and is open to all residents of Dougherty Lake.  Our goals are:
  • To learn and grow
  • To beautify our yards, homes and neighborhood
  • To foster friendship and cultivate unity and community
The Garden and Home Club meets the first Thursday from September through May in the evening, rotating among members’ homes..  Meetings may include speakers on various topics, informal information sharing by members, site visits and/or project planning.  The club hosts an annual holiday party and a June “Couples Event” for members and spouses. Annual dues are $25.00.


In the fall of 2001, the club decided to create a garden in the common ground across Beaver Dam from the lake.  Members and other helpers dug compost into an area that had been lawn.  The garden was planted for the first time in the spring of 2002, with sun loving flowers and some vegetables for the children to watch grow.  In 2003, the club decided to renovate the garden to attract butterflies.  The garden is now known as “The Garden By The Lake” and is a bright spot in our neighborhood.
We are also very proud that in 2014 the “Garden by the Lake” was certified as a Monarch Waystation by the organization  A Certificate of Appreciation has been awarded to Dougherty Lake Garden & Home Club for the creation and maintenance of Monarch Waystation number 7665.  We received a very nice Monarch Waystation sign which was installed in our garden.  The sign is a way to educate others about this conservation effort.  Adult Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweeds (which we have an abundance of) so these plants are vital to their survival.  Thank you Nancy Shaffstall for making this happen!


In 2003, club members started a shade garden on the opposite side of the playground and picnic area.  The shade garden includes native plants attractive to birds, and host plants for butterfly caterpillars.
Take a stroll by the gardens or enjoy a virtual tour by clicking on The Garden By The Lake link above. For more information about gardening and horticulture we have provided several links to other website.
For more information about the Dougherty Lake Garden Club, contact Carel Reynolds  821-1818.